Tappe Gourab

Gourab Castle

Gourab Castle

an ancient water grave!

The story of the discovery of this castle is that in the early Pahlavi period a farmer found a large piece of ruby while plowing his land. The ruler of the region sent it to the government. The beauty of the ruby ​​attracted the attention of Reza Shah so he sent Teymourtash to that area for further research. Teymourtash didn’t find anything and closed the case. All was forgotten until Dr. Jafari gets interested in this subject in the 1960s. after extensive researches, sent the ruby to the United States for examination. Americans found an inscription on it and concluded that this ruby belonged to "Bahram Gor” who hung it on his horse's neck. Most likely, the village of Gourab is the hunting ground to where Bahram Gor went and never returned.