Sookhteh Chenar Mosque

Soukhteh Chenar Mosque

Soukhteh Chenar Mosque

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It was named Soukhteh Chenar (burnt plane tree) since there’s been a burnt plane tree in the mosque’s yard that people used as a wishing well and believed that if they tell their wishes to the tree, God would hear them so the wish would be granted. Unfortunately, because of the city structures the tree was removed. It is also known as Mosa Reza Mosque and it has commonly been assumed that in the year 817 AD, Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha (Reza) stayed in Dawud b. Sulayman al-Ghazi house when traveling through Qazvin on his way to Merv. Dawud b. Sulayman al-Ghazi was a distinguished person back then and was buried in his own house after his death. So later on people turned his house into a mosque and named it after the eighth Shia Imam, Reza.