Abolqassem Aref Qazvini

Aref Qazvini Mausoleum

Aref Qazvini Mausoleum

a revolutionary poet who went crazy!

Aref Qazvini lived a complicated life and, nevertheless, excelled in art and creating revolutionary thinking among the youth of his time. Getting to know his life and what he’s been through is an essential part of getting familiar with Iran’s revolutionary history. Abolqasem Qazvini was Molla Hadi’s son and was born in 1882, in Qazvin city.  He studied Persian and Arabic grammar in Qazvin. He learned music from Sadegh Kharazi and Noha Khani (Shia lamentation) from Mirza Hossein Vaez, and his own father. His father insisted on wearing a “turban” as Aref was young, but after he died Aref took off his turban and stopped Noha Khani.