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IRANWATCHING is like a newborn phoenix arisen from the ashes of its previous project. Our purpose is to inform people about natural, cultural, and historical heritage of Iran. We are highly focused on creating the culture of maintaining our intangible heritage. By creating a travel-loving website, we want to provide cheap, effortless, and all seasons trips for beloved people from all over the world. Also we are trying to notify our people to take parts in saving our precious landmarks.

We have started the first specialized platform in content creation about intangible cultural heritage. We are currently working under supervision of Source Accelerator in Syntech Technology and Innovation Center.

Iranwatching symbol was created totally based on its goals. Iranwatching symbol shows an ancient, spectacular, Iranian dome in a sun-shape design. Sun had a special place in Iran’s ancient culture, it represented purity, sacrality, and safety. This magnificent house, called Iranwatching, is a place for Iran-friendly folks to seize their time in Iran and enjoy every second of it.

All we hope is to achieve our purposes, but we won’t unless you support us. If you enjoyed your time in Iranwatching website all you have to do is to subscribe us on social media and tell others about us.

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